Nail Artist, entrepeneur and living with a footballplayer


My name is Franziska and I am living my dream life with my dog Walther (8 year old mix between a staffordshire bullterrier and great dane) and my boyfriend, Mathias Rasmussen, footballplayer for FC Nordsjælland.

What excites my spirit is the power of visual branding, aesthetics, creating and designing, digital marketing and business all put together in one bowl. 

With studies in multimediadesign, experiences from several webshops and a reach of 1 million on facebook in one week, I think I have finally got a clear idea of what is nessescary in achieving a succesfull online business.

Please feel free to leave me a message on my social medias or at 

My Knowledge 
  • Color- and design theory
  • Web-usability
  • Business BTB & BTC
  • Marketing
My Compentencies
  • Visual branding
  • Visual creating
  • Influencer marketing
  • Entrepeneurship
  • Nailartistry
Final Cut Pro
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